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Against the backdrop of one of the defining events of the Cold War, the coup against Iranian Prime Minister Mossadegh, Tom Bradby's new standalone showcases the fast paced plotting and global settings that his readers have come to love.

Nothing good ever comes from a midnight phone call. For washed-up spy Harry Tower, it is the worst news at the worst possible time. His son, Sean, has gone missing in troubled Iran after writing an exposé about government corruption.

Their relationship has never recovered since Harry's wife's suicide, for which Sean holds his father responsible. And Harry, with his career on the verge of disintegration, needs to find him and put things right.

When Harry arrives in Tehran, he finds a city on the cusp of revolution. Foreign powers are jockeying for influence, money and, most importantly, oil. The CIA are conspiring to undermine the government with an impending coup, and there are dark mutterings about opium smuggling. But the reasons for Sean's disappearance may be even more sinister than Harry first suspected.

Before long, he is on the run - not only from a faceless enemy, but from his own past. Which will catch up with him first?

Yesterday's Spy is Tom Bradby at his very best, delivering a cunning espionage novel rich in intrigue and history that will keep you guessing until the final pages.

ISBN: 9781787630703
Imprint: Bantam Press
Publication Date: 15 June 2022
Dimensions: 154mm x 234mm
Weight: 510g
No. Of Pages: 384

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