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40 quick-fix Pilates workouts to fit into your daily schedule.

Suitable for all fitness levels, these 10-minute mini workouts are each designed for a different part of your day - morning, noon and evening.

Starting with The New Fundamentals, Lynne Robinson's programme features more than 100 illustrated step-by-step exercises, many of which are brand new to Pilates. As well as increasing your strength and flexibility, there are dedicated exercises to boost your immune system and improve the efficiency of your breathing. You'll also discover how Pilates can benefit both your mental and physical health, helping you to reset your lifestyle, cope with stress and restore balance in your body.

Whether you want to lose weight, improve your fitness or tone up, this essential guide will help you integrate Pilates into your daily life and achieve your goals.

ISBN: 9780857839237
Imprint: Kyle Books
Publication Date: 11 January 2022
Dimensions: 189mm x 246mm
Weight: 660g
No. Of Pages: 208

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