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The Ford Falcon is as much a part of Kiwi culture as fish and chips on the beach, or rugby, or wearing jandals in the summer. Ford Australia launched the falcon in 1960, and while it took the best part of five years before Ford New Zealand introduced it, it quickly became an icon, and remained that way until its eventual demise in 2016.

In all, there were seven generations of the Falcon, and while early models were essentially right-hand-drive variants of the original North American Falcon - albeit a little more robust for local roads - over time, it evolved to become very much unique to Australasia.

This book, Kiwi Falcons, is a scrapbook of personal photos by New Zealanders, of their own Falcons, or those that have played a role in their life, even if only fleetingly. The hundreds of photos are accompanied by images of Falcon sales brochures and of various Falcon automobilia.

ISBN: 9781988538730
Imprint: David Bateman Ltd
Publication Date: 12 July 2021
Dimensions: 220mm x 270mm
No. Of Pages: 200

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