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'My daddy always told me, if it looks too good to be true - then it probably is.'

Bart, Teddy and Cole have been best friends since childhood. Having founded their own small-town construction company, they yearn to build a legacy, something to leave behind to their families. So when Gretchen Connors, a mysterious millionaire lawyer from California, approaches them with a stunning, almost formidable project in the mountains above their town, the three friends convince themselves it's the job which will secure their future.

But what is Gretchen hiding from them? And why does the build have to be complete by Christmas, a near-impossible deadline? With the lines between ambition and greed more slippery and dangerous than the three friends ever imagined, how far will they push themselves and what will be the cost of their dream?

Part morality tale, part mystery, a searing story of friendship, family and temptation.

ISBN: 9780571362967
Imprint: Faber Fiction
Publication Date: August 2021
Dimensions: 152mm x 234mm
Weight: 440g
No. Of Pages: 352

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