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The ultimate advice book direct from beyond, sharing comfort and wise advice on navigating all of life's challenges, from the popular Australian psychic medium and author of You Already Know.

No matter what our differences are, we all ultimately ask the same big questions of life. When will I find love? What happens when we die? Why do bad things happen to good people? How do I go on?

As a psychic, Helen Jacobs has heard just about every curly question there is. Asking For A Friend provides answers from the spirit realm, with a side dose of hope, comfort and gentle guidance to those navigating challenging times.

This is the ultimate spiritual FAQ, bringing together answers to the most commonly asked questions Helen has received over the past decade. From dealing with losing someone you love or a relationship breakdown, to how to navigate the very uncertain times we're experiencing, including our current climate crisis and other world-altering events, Asking For A Friend serves up bite-sized wisdom to life's biggest questions.

ISBN: 9781922351432
Imprint: Murdoch Books
Publication Date: 4 May 2021
Dimensions: 234mm x 153mm
Weight: 352g
No. Of Pages: 280

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