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As far as they could tell, Arlo and Stefan were entirely normal boys. The lived in a normal house, with two reasonably normal parents, and each morning they walked together to their most normal of schools. Neither of them could have guessed just how very un-normal their lives were about to become...

In the dusty shadows of an abandoned house, twins Stefan and Arlo discover a secretive girl. Alice is smart and strong and not happy to have her hideout found, but she needs their help—her twin sister is locked in a cage suspended high above a mysterious mine in a parallel world.

Will the brothers meet her at midnight on the next full moon at the entrance to a tunnel Stefan and Arlo both know can’t possibly exist?

Except that it does. And when they travel through it, the twins find themselves on a dangerous and difficult quest that will challenge all their ideas of who they are and what they can do.

The Tunnel of Dreams is a delightful middle-grade fantasy adventure about friendship and loyalty, and about dreaming big and achieving the impossible.

Winner, Storylines Notable Book Award, New Zealand, 2021
Shortlisted, Wright Family Foundation Esther Glen Award for Junior Fiction, New Zealand Book Awards for Children & Young Adults, New Zealand, 2021

ISBN: 9781405298285
Imprint: Text Publishing
Publication Date: 29 September 2020
Dimensions: 129mm x 198mm
Weight: 310g
No. Of Pages: 320

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