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At first there was nothing. Then came a spark, a sizzling sound that stirred frayed webs of dream and memory. And then–with a crackle, a roar–a blue-white rush of electricity was surging through him, bursting into the dry passages of his brain like the tide pouring back into a sea cave.

Anchorage has become a static settlement on the shores of the Dead Continent, at peace for sixteen years. But now trouble is approaching–in a limpet sub, and fast. The Lost Boys are back, and they’ll do anything to get what they want.

Tom and Hester’s daughter Wren is their eager dupe, bored and desperate for adventure. When Wren is snatched away in the limpet,Tom and Hester set off to rescue her, in a journey that will stir up old needs, old secrets–and send them into perilous waters…

ISBN: 9781760661892
Series: Mortal Engines Book #3
Imprint: Scholastic
Publication Date: 01 September 2018
Dimensions: 129mm x 198mm
Weight: 340g
No. Of Pages: 384

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