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Our Safavid design portrays a leather filigree pattern incorporating handtooled motifs, retaining the elegance and style of the Islamic Golden Age even in our modern context. Associated with this era of artistic excellence, Persian Safavid-style designs represented a high point in the art of the book. These bindings often feature centralised designs of medallions, quadrants, plant and animal motifs, pentagonal flap closures and elaborately decorated doublures (interior covers), along with exquisite creations in cut-out leather, coloured papers and gilding. Above all, symmetry is the hallmark of this style. The original binder of this particular design used reddish-brown goatskin, real gold, lacquer and paint to achieve balance in his creation.

Ultra Format (180mm x 230mm)
One day per page
European-made binder boards from 100% recycled stock
Acid-free sustainable forest paper
High opacity to prevent ink show-through
Elastic band closure
Two ribbon page markers
Extra note pages
Removable mini address book
Memento pouch

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